Increasing efficiency & reducing costs

To establish an account you have the following options:

1. Private use (collector, gallery)
€54 per month (1 user)*

2. Museums
€140 per month, up to 2 users (registrars)
Upgrade to more users: €30 per user per month*.

3. Organisations with unlimited users
€240 per month.*
(Registrars, curators, marketing, etc., if appropriate with restricted layers)

4. Shared use for a group of ‘analogue’ museums or collections-based umbrella organisations.

5. Loan procedures by Lender and Borrower, complete process including the mutual agreement.

5.A Loan Procedure for 1-10 objects. One-time fee €80 to be paid by Borrower.
5.B Loan Procedure for 10-100 objects. One-time fee €240 to be paid by Borrower.


Including 5.000 records, maintenance, upgrades and online support. VAT excluded.
Please, contact us if you have specific questions or wishes regarding network and storage.
Extra data storage is charged at net up-to-date price.

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